Removing The Ink Blot On The Carpet

Carpets can be made of both synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Whatever the ingredients of the maker, of course, the carpet is tarnished because the pen ink can be very disturbing.

However, you do not need to panic. You can use carpet cleaning Spokane

For synthetic fibers, wet clean cloth with solvent. If possible, try using an oil solvent such as Carbona Carpet Wizard Carpet Cleaner.

After that, pat the clean cloth that has been given solvent on your carpet. Wait for up to 15 minutes, repeat if necessary. Clean by patting the carpet with a clean cloth that has been given warm water.

For natural fibers, spray the stain with a detergent solution. The solution is made from a teaspoon of dishwashing soap and one cup of warm water. After that, pat with a clean cloth.

Then, use an ammonia solution and a vinegar solution. The ammonia solution is made from one teaspoon of ammonia with half a cup of warm water. Afterwards, pat with a clean cloth.

Meanwhile, the vinegar solution is made from a quarter cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of water. Go back, pat with a clean cloth after spotting with a vinegar solution. Reduce the detergent solution and pat using a clean cloth. Finally, spray the stain with water and pat using a clean cloth.

Alcohol can also remove ink stains on the carpet. For stains that are difficult to remove, use a 100 percent alcohol solution.

Way, drip alcohol to taste on the stain. Rub the carpet with a soft and careful brush. Rub along the groove. Instead, do not be rash in cleaning the carpet.

Avoid wetting the carpet to the back of your carpet. Test a cleaning solution on a small portion of your carpet before using it on the entire carpet. Do not use detergent in quantities far more than the recommended amount.

Also, avoid rubbing or rubbing your carpet roughly. Dampen your carpet with a cleaning solution and pat the carpet.